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Bone Conduction Sunglasses
BLE to WiFi Gateway
Tekt Segway – S1

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Vacuum Cleaning Robot – V1

Window Cleaning Robot

Tekt Window Cleaning Robot is built-in with advanced technology and innovative features to promptly deliver sparkling clean glasses at the touch of a button automatically.
Featured Round Beacon

Round Beacon

Recognize your data accurately to enhance your indoor venue with location-based support to maximize productivity, accessibility, and ROI.
Tekt Bluetooth Turbo Receiver


Tekt-MiniPC Linux Intel is compact, powerful, and specially developed for your requirements. It simplifies and perfectly manages games or runs a multitude of programs.

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Tekt Bone Conduction Sunglasses


Tekt has always been at the forefront of innovation. We offer a world-class product that overcomes many challenges. Explore our wide range of smart and connected devices that are durable and look chic to satisfy the requirements of our hectic lifestyle. Our products are built-in with advanced features such as sweat-proof, lightweight, and comfortable.

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    Window Cleaning Robot – W2