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About Tekt

Forefront of Innovation

Welcome to the world of Tekt. Discover the huge range of smart and connected devices that meet the requirements of our routine life. From bond conduction headphones to window cleaning robots. The sweat-proof, lightweight and comfortable, Tekt product gives durability and functionality and looks chic to suit the requirements of your lifestyle.

Since 2010, we are enabling the digital transformation journey for smart and connected devices. Copyright(ed) Innovative products based on mobile and intelligent sensor technologies that assist us to connect and control anything anywhere. These unique products can work with a broad range of protocols and are climate-proof. We at Tekt include the full scope of next-generation products.


Intelligent Bulb

Our Other Verticals

Delivering an integrated set of solutions in Embedded, IoT, and AI.

Electronics Division

Offering Custom Software & Mobile App Development Services.

IT Division

Providing end-to-end electronics product manufacturing.

Manufacturing Division

Learning Platform for IT, Embedded and IoT students.


Mission, Vision and Goals

We connect with our customers. It makes us unique. It makes us better.


Globally provide innovative and affordable high-tech solutions to society


Building revolutionary technology for human benefits


Time delivery and quick turnaround requests beyond customer quality demands

Our Core Values

Core values are a set of timeless guiding principles by which a company navigates.

Customer Satisfaction

Innovative Engineering Solution

High Moral and Ethics

Commitment to a Great Product / Service

Win Win Situation

Contribute to Society

Real Testimonials

Clients speak means a lot to us. Our clients are our biggest supporters because they are happy with us. Would you like to know the words of our clients?

“Recently I order Tekt bone conduction headset. This is my first bone-conduction headset. I was a slight concerned if it would be good. But it is up to my expectations. It is very easy and user friendly. The best part about these headphones is that it comes with excellent design and perfect packing.

Great Headphones

“Well, I purchased Tekt Bone Conduction Headphone, and believe me I an very satisfied and amazed by this product. I use them all time. Wxcellent for some music or listening to podcasts. Best battery life. If you’re looking for wireless for bone-conducting headphones then I suggest you to buy this one.

Satisfying Deal

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